June 29, 2015

Launching of Bastion House and Pavillion KL!

Last Sunday, we went to attend a launching of the Bastion house in Cyberjaya. The newly launched semi- detached house was breath taking. It was white, it was truly majestic. It is situated in the middle of an island surrounded by some man-made lake. I went for a viewing because they promised us a boat ride on the waterway.

However, due to the hot weather, the water level became so little that the boat ride had to be cancelled. *Bored*. We did however, got the chance to look around the newly built house. For those of you who is wondering that this could be our new house, you are wrong.

This house will cost you more than 2 million *I think*. Where on earth could I dig out that money from? Hehe.

The flower plants are here to attract butterflies and we did saw some
Mr Bob admiring the site
After spending an hour there, we went straight to our next course of destination which was the Pavillion KL.  Farissa did outstandingly for her mid term exams that Mr Bob wanted to buy her the roller shoes from Heely's. Man those shoes were super expensive!

We didn't actually buy anything else because I've already prepared the kid's raya outfits before the Ramadhan. So we were only there for the shoes.

Smile everyone!
Crazy dance

There is nothing else to write about today.
Enjoy breaking fast with your love ones ok!

June 19, 2015

Restoran Sajian @ Adda Heights JB ~ The Start

Restoran Sajian was my dad baby project. He had actually dreams about opening his own restaurant for a while now (ever since I was in highschool)  and alas he takes courage. The initial plan was for my to fork up her all time favorite recipe and shared it with her cooks. But it seems rather difficult of finding the right one. So, my mom takes up the challenge and becomes the restaurant executive chef.

This restaurant serve both local and western dishes but I have to tell you that the western dishes are super tasty. The chef is very experienced and service previously in one of Johor's prestigious golf resorts. During one of my short visit, I've tried the Beef Teppanyaki and immediately fell in love with the delightful taste. You should definitely have a go!

If you see the dark, good looking guy at the register, you know that is Hakim my younger bro. He always wear a cap. My dad always say that one day this would be his business. Insyallah.

Cheating mommy eating scrumptious ice cream!

My mom specialty is Nasi Bryani Ayam and Nasi Bryani Kambing has always been the family favorite. It is serve with acar buah and if you have that with Sirap Bandung Soda *mak aih* Lazat I tell you. :)

Nenma and Kiddos

So, guys how would you know unless you tried it yourself right? Bring you family and friends along. Lepak2.

June 18, 2015

Property: Tough Decision Buying a Million Worth of Asset

It is a process that took us a long time to decide. If you are familiar with the value of properties here in Malaysia, prices are simply outrages. Simple terrace in the city could easily be valued for at least 600k.

Mr. Bob and I bought our first home in SK. My dad insisted for us to purchase a property and this is not the most easiest thing to do. We are lacking in saving, we don't earn that much, each month we are drowning with other commitments, car, nanny's, groceries, rental that we could not save our salary. Let alone to fork up a couple of thousand of ringgit to purchase a house. Yikes! So, the old man decided to help us in terms of financial and so we successfully bought a house of our very own. :)

More than 5 years down the road, up to this year, we decided to purchase another property. Somewhere near my work area so that I don't have to travel that far to work each day. The kids a also going to school around this area that we feel it would be a super good idea to do it now. Oh boy, we are in for a treat! Most houses in Cyberjaya area cost more than a million! So, when we stumbled upon a property for RM 800k (3 storey) we quickly made a deposit of 5k and started bank hunting.

Our first big mistake - Approaching only one bank. We went to CIMB and was immediately within 3 days, our application was rejected. Boo hoo! I take this to heart. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't eat properly just because I personally feel that I had failed. So, we canceled our booking.

Hey! I look just like my dad in this photo
Mr. Bob saw that I was quite upset and unhappy about the whole situation that he took me for a ride around Cyberjaya for house hunting. We saw plenty and finally set our eyes and heart in one property. I love the concept, the environment, the price were quite steep but we were absolutely ready to commit. This time round we met up with three banks: Maybank, RHB and Hong Leong. Two out of this three banks were ready to invest with us and we were very happy with the interest that had offered.

Don't get me wrong. It was not an easy peasy process *due to the fact we are not millionaires and money don't grow on trees* Haha! We earn fixed salary each month and we have all the previous commitments including much more. Bear in mind we still owned our SK property, two cars, nanny, asb loans. With GOD grace we received the good news within 3 weeks of our application. To lower the monthly interest, at one point we had to ensure that our saving had a minimum of at least RM 60k (cash). This process is to ensure the banks that we have the back up money to support the loan if all else fails.

Signing Away
We finalised our agreement with the developer and the banks on the last day of 3 weeks (if settle within 21 days we could get additional discount from developer). We also paid *with sweat* 20% of our downpayment to the developer and voila, we owned 2 properties! :) So, if you guys would like to know more about the process... Well, stay tuned ok.

June 17, 2015

Salam Ramadhan 2015


Dengan ini saya nak ucapkan selamat menjalani ibadah puasa pada semua pembaca babynadra. Semoga ibadah puasa kami semua diterima oleh-NYA.

Tak lupa juga sambil-sambilan ingin mempromosikan menu berbuka puasa di Restoran Sajian @Adda Height JB.

Siapa-siapa yang berminat boleh membuat booking ditalian 0111-8740828

Kalau tadek waze (seperti kate2 ibu saya "Tak semua org ada WAZE!!!!") inilah alamatnya:

129, Jalan Adda 3/1,
Taman Adda Height

Datang Jangan Tak Datang Ya....

June 14, 2015

Property: Finding Your Dream Agent

The biggest fear that I have when thinking of selling my property is to be able of selling in a short time. I wouldn't lie, this is the main factor for me holding back of finding a new house. Questions of possibility of being static and unable to sell keeps popping in my head. Each time I browsed in iproperty or property guru, I find your myself looking into other properties, its pricing and condition of the houses. It truly intimidate me and I almost didn't have the guts to do it!

However, today I will be sharing on my essentials to successfully sell a property.

  1. Market survey. Don't jump into selling the unknown. Do your research. Look at other properties around your area. How much are they selling? Is it a basic unit? Does it comes with kitchen cabinet, fully extended, built in wardrobe? One thing now I know, beautifully decorated house comes with no value added, so don't try to be cocky and overpriced your house or you will be stuck with it much longer.
  2. Get agents, good ones. Look into agents whom are knowledgeable in your respective area. If they specialised in Klang Valley they are only good in Klang Valley. If you are selling a bumi lot, it is recommended that you find malay agents. I personally, hooked on 3 agents but only one are truly active and dedicated in selling my house. Email if you want contact.
  3. Do not signed for exclusive, you will set yourself for failure. It is good to get a few agents but do not go overboard more than 3. It will be hard to handle.
  4. Try and market yourself by putting an Advert in the newspaper. I booked 4 slots in the Star but had only one viewing.
  5. Clean up! Make your house presentable should you want to sell it with more profit. Repaint is a good idea. People will come to judge your house, if it is in bad condition they will another property in a blink. More damage means more money.
  6. Take good pictures. This will come in handy should you have any interest from potential buyers.
  7. Work hard for it. I never say no for a viewing. Whether it is a worknite, weekends, holidays. Never. You never know, the person that comes for that viewing may be the one that actually buys your property.

So, this is just some of my tips and I hope that it will be use as guidance by new sellers like myself. Remember if you need an agent to assist you, mine is excellent. He was able to lock in a booking within a month time. Alhamdullilah. Syukur pada nikmat Allah. :)

June 10, 2015

Property: Buying a 2nd Hand House in Malaysia

Credit: Googled~ I want this wardrobe!

Alhamdullilah. Now it is the perfect time to share our good news to our readers, family and friends. We had finally bought our 2nd property, aka our dream home. Prior to owning this new dream home comes the struggle sweat and tears. We were absolutely terrified to place our financial commitment on another asset but in the end everything comes together and we were able to purchase our new property. Hurray!

This entry and more others in the future is not about bragging but we want to share our experiences so that other young couples could do the same and achieve their own dream homes as well. We are going to share about financial, property agents, surveying for a good property, bankings, so hold on to your seats!

How it all started? I was looking around iproperty, nothing came into interest until I stumbled upon a two and a half storey terrace, fully extended and renovated for a mere RM600k. It really caught my eye. So we arranged a viewing but Mr. Bob was not at all impressed with the house. He was complaining about the small things like the road was to small driving towards the house. In the end, we did not proceed. Shoot.

Now, if you are looking to buy a 2nd hand property, it is advisable to:
  1. Go to the bank and understand your eligibility. What is the highest amount that you could loan? What are your prior commitment. What is the current interest rate? What is going to be your monthly installment? How long is the tenure?
  2. If you have a current property, you will need to know the remaining balance of loan in the bank should you want to sell it. This is important so that you would know how much money will you gain or lose.
  3. Check out the traffic around the time that people goes to work. How bad is the roads?
  4. It utmost crucial to view the house yourself. Take the time to look for leakages, condition of the cabinets. How much money you will need to invest in to make yourself comfortable in the house?
  5. Get advice/2nd opinion from friends or family members.
We went through all the above and decided not to purchase a 2nd hand home instead to look for new properties in the market. I will share more in my next entry. Stay tune ok!

June 08, 2015

Best Makan Place @ Hong Kong Disneyland ~ A Malaysian Mommy Review

Hello everyone! Just like our first time in HK Disneyland, I am going to share with you guys the 'in' place to eat which is Halal and has vegetarian option although it is NOT Halal Certified.

*note: These are only me personal opinions, should you feel otherwise, then just don't go for it.

Plaza Inn VIP Fireworks Dinner Package

Venue: Main street
Halal Status: Vegetarian Option (Non Alcoholic)
Genre: Chinese 7 Course Dining
Total: MYR 500 (per family 3 pax)

It is a dark lit restaurant, with nice China setting. You will be serve with hot jasmine tea, and after a long day in the park, the warm tea was really comforting. The children had their own toys to play with so they are quiet for the time being. I choose this dining option because, the VIP fireworks display really gets me excited. We had a special seating (so no pushing with other visitors).

The only problem with this dinner is that, Farissa hated vegetables and to get her to eat anything was hell. Pardon my language. The food was absolutely amazing! Mr. Bob and I both love it. We don't actually taste like eating vegetables at all. It is sweet and fresh.

Come on tea pot give me some action!

My full face

Kiddos and Mr. Bob

Sparrow motives

Soya bean and jelly dessert

The teapot photo that I just took earlier on

Fruit juice with disco lightings

Hey its shining!!

Carrots and mushrooms dimsum

Farissa was forced to eat some vegetable soup

Fried Yam

Mixed Vege in a pumkin

Bak Choy with Oyster Sauce

Fried rice with Vege

The desser which looks awful by tasted delight!

Main Street Corner Cafe

Venue: Main street
Halal Status: Non
Genre: Western, bakery
Total cost: RM 170 - RM 200

At first we thought of having a nice Hi-Tea package here. After seeing the menu with many options of pork, we decided to skip the idea. Instead we only ordered desserts.

It was a good time to relax my aching feet and we are also able to regroup the kids attention to something else than queuing for another ride. Farissa took this chance managing her collected stickers and to admire her gallant effort. Haha!

Mr. Bob and his camera, I like the sunlight shining through

Ruzain and his Mickey Waffles

Farissa with her Hot Chocolate with a Mickey biscuit on the side

I had some hot English Breakfast and a minnie biscuit!

Hello Mickey

Farissa wanted a Disney Princess Cupcake but it is all the way in Fantasyland so we decided to go with this chocolate cake

Fresh fruits
Explorer Club

Venue: Mystic Point
Halal Status: Halal Certified
Genre: Asian
Total cost: RM 200

There was not so many photos while dining here. Just because Mr. Bob and I had a little bit of fight. Yup, we both had placed an order for the whole family. While I was busily sulking, he was able to ditch his order, thank GOD or else we would be paying for doubled!

If you want a detail glimpse of the restaurant you could check it out here and here.

So, this time a round we tried the cream puffs for dessert (delicious), asian seafood with rice, which was also delicious!

Eaten Prawn

Our Receipt and the chicken rice is just as good as in Malaysia
 Tahitian Restaurant

Venue: Adventureland
Halal Status: Halal Certified
Genre: Asian
Total: MYR 150 - 200

This would be our first time eating here. We arrived quite early at the restaurant (11.30am) and was informed that it will be only open around 12pm. So we sat around while Farissa was busily ran back and forth from the souvenir shop next door. The bryani and masala chicken was actually very good and non spicy. The lemongrass with chicken was not so good so Farissa ended eating my bryani instead of her lunch.

Inside the restaurant


Bryani and Masala Chicken

Something like nasi lemak

Not so good haha!
Snacking Cart

There are many-many snacking opportunity around the park. The kids highlight would be the popcorn and the cotton candy. Farissa had many of them both. I also sneak in a pack of chipsmore everyday in the park because Ruzain would keep quiet eating those chocolate cookies. Great for long queues.

We also tried the fried shrimps in Grizzly Gulch which was fantastic and filling.

Shrimp and chips with Coca Cola!

Another cotton Candy?

Mickey waffles!

Curry fish balls a must try peeps!

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